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Comforting Hands

Simplify your Senior Care Needs.

New York | New Jersey | Connecticut | California | Florida



Elder care is unpredictable, challenging, and even scary, especially your first time. We hear you. We’ve been there. Whether you’re new to elder care or you’ve realized you just can’t do it alone, we’re here to help.

CARESULTANTS work closely with you to oversee the entire spectrum of care for your aging parents or loved ones.


We’re more than consultants. We are:

  • Your trusted, go-to advisor 

  • Your manager for home care service 

  • Your medical liaison 

  • Your insurance intermediary 

  • Your appointments coordinator 

  • Your source of calm


Our goal is to provide quality care for your loved one and peace of mind for you. CARESULTANTS is here for you. Learn more about our SERVICES

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