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What is "Your" Nurses Station?

Bringing the Nurses Station to your home, Caresultants ensures that your loved one's recovery at home, especially in acute and hospice care, is supported with unparalleled convenience. This approach goes beyond traditional care settings by providing 24/7 access to a dedicated team of professionals. Led by an experienced nurse, the team is committed to vetting and coordinating all the essential resources needed for comprehensive patient and family care in the comfort of your home. This model works exceptionally well with acute and hospice care, offering a holistic and personalized approach to support your loved one's well-being during their recovery journey at home. Additionally, our proactive approach allows us to intervene before hospital admission, ensuring timely and effective care tailored to your loved one's unique needs


Your Home, Your Nurses Station, when you need it.

Caresultants is like having your personal nurses station

Caresultants Nurses Station infographic.png

Patient Care Management:

Patient Care Management unifies all care providers, proactively monitors conditions, organizes treatments efficiently, coordinates diagnostics seamlessly, optimizes patient appointments, ensures plan adherence, and implements medical orders for comprehensive and effective patient care. 

Communication Coordination:

Communication is crucial for home-based care involving various disciplines. Caresultants ensure holistic, consistent treatment plans, timely adjustments, and efficient resource utilization. This approach enhances patient safety, family involvement, and problem-solving. Overall, it fosters accountability among providers for a collaborative and patient-centered home care experience.


Family & Patient Education:

Educating the patent and family is crucial for effective homecare teamwork. This knowledge empowers patients and their families, promoting active involvement, improved treatment adherence, and the ability to identify potential issues. Informed families contribute to a safer home environment, enhancing health management and overall outcomes. Education also enhances collaboration among the medical team, patients, and families, fostering an informed and engaged healthcare partnership.



Consistency in providing homecare services is essential for stability and well-being. It facilitates routine, comfort, and effective health management, promoting optimal recovery. The key components for success include Clear, Coordinated Communication, Vigilant and Swift Interventions, Coordinated Support, Compassionate Decision-Making, and Ongoing Preparedness.


Inventory Supply Management:

Proactive inventory management is crucial to maintaining a consistent supply of essential medical resources, ensuring seamless support for preventive care measures while minimizing disruptions in patient care. 


Collaboration with Other Healthcare Professionals: 

Collaboration with healthcare professionals is vital for comprehensive patient care. In a collaborative environment, diverse disciplines contribute expertise, ensuring a holistic approach to complex medical issues. Caresultants facilitate timely information exchange that informs the care team about the patient's condition, order changes, and treatment plans. By coordinating the diverse skills of the care team, the patient gets expeditious personalized solutions, optimizing care. Collaboration enhances overall quality and innovation in patient care.


Insurance Advocate:

A proficient team in healthcare insurance reimbursement is essential for streamlined healthcare delivery. Insurance advocates optimize reimbursement by navigating complexities and reducing administrative burdens on the family. Caresultants ensures compliance, expedite claim processing, and provide financial transparency, enhancing the overall healthcare experience by minimizing administrative burdens on the family.

Administrative Support:  

Administrative support in managing a homecare client is invaluable to the family as it alleviates burdensome tasks, allowing the family to focus on providing emotional and physical support to their loved one. Efficient handling of paperwork reduces the family's administrative load, minimizing stress and ensuring accurate record-keeping. Additionally, streamlined administrative tasks contribute to operational efficiency, creating a positive and organized homecare experience that supports the family's peace of mind during this challenging time.

Caresultants: Simplifying HomeCare through tailored resources, care management, family education and compassionate support.

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