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At Caresultants, we help successful individuals and their families get ahead of the aging curve. We work closely with you to identify, plan for, and ultimately implement a customized plan that addresses the chief challenges of retirement and aging. So, if you want to:     

• Avoid being a burden to your family     

• And live your best life in your later years

Caresultants has the answer.

Why Caresultants?

Success in life is all about sound planning and solid execution - managing and controlling risks. And it’s no less important when you’re entering life’s latter years. Whether you’re concerned with preserving assets, physical or cognitive decline, or simply maintaining your quality of life at Caresultants, we plan proactively so you have the services you need when you need them. Be prepared—no matter what life throws at you.

For You

Caresultants helps you:  

 • Remain as independent as possible and protect your quality of life.  

 • Stay active, healthy, robust, and alert. 


 • Maintain your relationships.


 • Continue to enjoy your favorite artistic, intellectual, spiritual, and philanthropic activities.  

 • Live out your final years with a sense of purpose and fulfillment.

For Your Family

Caresultants helps your family:


 • Your wishes are being honored.


 • Your home has been carefully reviewed and equipped to meet the highest possible safety standards.  

 • Your medical needs are being met.  

 • You’re enjoying a rich, active social life.

 • They can spend these years focused on making memories with you.

For Your Care Team

Elderly couple with lawyer

Caresultants provides your advisors with the tools they need to help clients realize their goals.  

 •  Your doctors can trust that your treatment plan is being followed.  

• Your attorney can trust us to care for you and keep them informed regarding any medical issues that have legal ramifications.  

• Your financial advisor can trust us to honor your long-term plans and protect your assets from scammers and fraud.

Caresultants helps you, your family and your care team, so you can spend the later years of life together making memories, rather than managing problems.

How We Work

How We Work At Caresultants - we use a three-step process

to ensure that you have the resources you need in place

when you need them.


1. Identify your wants, needs, and desires. At Caresultants, we start by identifying all the critical interests and variables that go into making life’s latter years successful according to your specific wants, needs, and desires – beyond just managing your medical, professional, social, and emotional requirements.


2. Pre-Screen, and implement solutions as needed. If you’re at a point in life where you need support, such as mobility assistance, physical therapy, or home structural changes, we implement those immediately. Otherwise, we will build out your plan and start vetting solutions for standby.


3. Update the plan periodically. Since change – whether in your wants, needs, or desires – is inevitable, we update the plan as needed to make sure you have the resources at-the-ready. 

What We Do

Development of a Plan - Caresultants creates a clear path forward so your family can navigate the years ahead with grace and purpose. We consult both family and medical professionals as we build a proactive plan that honors your loved one’s sense of self and minimizes chaos and uncertainty for everyone.


Family Communication Management - Keeping everyone in the loop can be a challenge in large and small families alike. Caresultants will arrange secure, HIPAA-compliant communications channels that make it easy for everyone to stay informed without becoming overwhelmed.


Technology Management - Modern technology can be a blessing and a curse. Caresultants will set up extra security features on your loved one’s accounts and devices to protect them from scams. We will also leverage technology, such as wearable devices, cameras, and alarms, to keep your loved ones safe, especially if they’re prone to wandering or falls.


Care Coordination - From home safety upgrades to medical appointments and communicating with family  members, Caresultants marshals its managerial, medical, and communication expertise to coordinate the wide  array of needs required to deliver the best of care. 

Vetting and Managing Caregivers - We don’t just use warm bodies. We conduct thoughtful, thorough interviews with every candidate to find the best possible care for your loved one, and we make sure that they execute the agreed-upon plan of care. 

Enhanced Mobility & Safety Construction - A change in mobility levels may necessitate changes to the home,  such as wider hallways or walk-in showers. 

We’ll help you Spiritual and Religious Community Participation - Many people lean on their faith as they age and want to continue to participate in religious and spiritual activities. We will arrange and escort your loved one or coordinate home visits with spiritual and religious leaders, so they can stay active and participate as they desire. 

Estate (Home) Management - If your goal is for your loved one to age in place, we can take over the details of caring for their home. Whether it’s mowing the lawn or changing a light bulb, we’ll find the right person for the job.  

Relocation Support - Whether your loved one is downsizing, moving in with family, or relocating to a care facility, figuring out what to do with all that has accumulated over the years can be very stressful, time-consuming, and exhausting. Caresultants will manage the entire process, from inventory to sorting, selling, packing, and storing your loved one's possessions.

Nursing Homes Vetting and Care Management - We know what to look for when choosing the right senior care facility for your loved one. We will personally vet the facility and the overall experience to ensure proper placement. We will then conduct regular visits and assessments to verify that they are receiving quality care.


Dementia Care Coordination & Management - Witnessing the deterioration of a loved one’s mental condition is incredibly difficult. We can take the additional stress of managing memory care off your shoulders.  


Appointment Logistics - We will take the overwhelming logistics of scheduling and attending medical appointments and follow-ups off your hands. Caresultants will coordinate transportation and accompany your loved one to their appointments, and keep you apprised of every detail.

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