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  • What is a CARESULTANT?
    A CARESULTANT is a dedicated medical professional who manages, coordinates, and oversees all the necessary elements of a senior care plan for an aging person on behalf of their loved ones. We schedule appointments, place grocery orders, hire care providers, and more, depending on the needs of the aging person. Think of a CARESULTANT like a general contractor. We know all the right people for any given job, so we’ll do the work of finding, hiring, and managing them for you. This saves you from having to hunt them down yourself, and you still get the results you want.
  • Why do I need a CARESULTANT?
    Technically, you don’t. We’re transparent about the fact that we don’t do anything you can’t do yourself. You can schedule and go to appointments, research care facilities, and learn the medical jargon. What we offer is the gift of time, knowledge, experience, expertise and clarity. We know exactly what to ask when evaluating care options and interviewing care providers. We speak the lingo, and we understand the ins and outs of dealing with insurance reimbursement world. With CARESULTANTS handling these things for you, you can breathe easy and get some of your time back. Plus, you can make more confident decisions about your loved one’s care, since you’ve got our expertise and years of experience backing you up. Think of it like buying a meal kit. You can certainly Google a recipe for lasagna, buy the ingredients at the grocery store, and make it yourself. But if you order a meal kit instead, there’s no decision fatigue on what to make and no errands to run. It saves you time and mental effort.
  • Are CARESULTANTS available 24/7 to answer questions?
    There are many team members that make up the CARESULTANTS network. Depending on the nature of your question/inquiry there will be various response times. The CARESULTANT responsible for your loved one they can be contacted anytime. General inquires shared with the CARESULTANTS Team will be answered in a timely manner. There may be times where an inquiry may be received outside of the Inquiry Response Team's office hours. In this case the appropriate representative will respond at the earliest opportunity.
  • What is the length of a CARESULTANTS contract?
    Contracts are customized according to you and your loved ones needs–so lengths of contracts vary. A standard contract is a month to month structure which is evaluated each month to ensure that you and your loved ones are completely satisfied with the care they are receiving.
  • So how, exactly, do you save me time?
    Here’s an example: Let’s say your father needs to visit the podiatrist. Without CARESULTANTS, you’re on the hook to schedule the appointment, maybe take time off work, go pick him up, sit through the appointment and talk to the doctor, drive your father back home, and then figure out how to follow doctor’s orders. This may include follow-up appointments, second opinions, changes to daily life, and more. That’s a lot to manage. With CARESULTANTS, this goes a little differently. We’ll make the appointment and arrange safe, comfortable transportation to and from the clinic. A nurse or other professional will go into the appointment with your dad and ask all the right questions. The nurse will report back to us, so we can coordinate follow-up care. We’ll call you to make sure you know what’s going on, but we’ll take care of the rest. Now imagine how much time you can save with CARESULTANTS handling every appointment, every transportation issue, and every aspect of care. That adds up very, very quickly.
  • If I have Power of Attorney for a loved one who is refusing care, can I force this person to move?
    If you are in this situation, we understand how challenging this is for you. Unfortunately a power of attorney does not give you the right to force someone to move. Usually this requires a Guardianship or Conservatorship. We can help you identify an elder law attorney which may be your best next step. We can give you referrals to excellent attorneys specializing in laws relating to eldercare.
  • I live in New York City. My loved one, my Dad lives in California. He is showing signs of forgetfulness and we have no relatives on the west coast. How do I manage his senior care?
    The situation you are in is one of the main reasons we founded CARESULTANTS. The additional burden of figuring out how to find and manage the needed care can be very complex on families who are out of state. We can examine the needs your Father has and provide clear next steps with/for you so that you can stay where you are while we oversee the process. Once we define the right care plan together we can coordinate and manage the journey.
  • How do I know if it is time for my loved one–Mother, Father, Grandparent–to move into Assisted Living?
    Safety and stability is typically the highest priority for most families. Although most people would prefer to stay in their own home, there are significant reasons why that is sometimes not possible. In addition to safety concerns, social engagement, communal meals, scheduled activities and 24/7 supervision are some other good reasons to consider Assisted Living.
  • How much does assisted living or memory care cost?
    It varies from state-to-state, even county-to- county in the same state. Costs are usually based on a fee for rent and additional fees for care, based on how much assistance is needed.
  • Does Medicare or Medicaid pay for assisted living
    Typically Medicare only pays for post-acute skilled nursing care, for a maximum of 100 days if certain requirements are met. Medicaid is a state-administered program. Some states have “waivers” that allow people to spend down their money and then stay in an assisted living facility when Medicaid goes into effect. Your Consultants will be able to help you understand the regulations in your state.
  • What does it cost to hire CARSULTANT? What’s included in the price tag?
    Depending on the situation, the cost varies monthly. Each client has vastly different needs, and those needs change as time goes on. That’s why we use a flexible pricing model. Once a discovery session occurs, you will have a much better idea of the cost. The payment covers our coordination, management, and consulting services. It does not cover the costs of additional care. For example, if a nurse is hired to provide care in your loved one’s home, the cost of the nurse’s services is not covered by your CARESULTANTS fee.
  • I’m a medical professional myself. Why should I hire you?
    As we shared before, you don’t have to. You definitely have an advantage over your peers who have no medical background. But you may find yourself wanting more of your time back, or less stress to manage. That’s where we come in. We don’t do magic tricks. We just make things easier for you.
  • How do you go about hiring qualified nurses and other caretakers for my aging loved one?
    We have a few different ways of hiring people. We may go directly to an agency and ask them to send us three candidates. We may also look into the private market and hire someone independently. Either way, we’re the ones who interview the candidates to make sure they have the right credentials and are the right fit for your aging loved one. We would never just hire the first person who’s available. We’re going to take the time to find the best long-term match whose personality, disposition, and professional qualifications are well suited to your aging loved one.
  • How much does working with a CARESULTANT cost?
    There are many levels of engagement available which cover first consulting conversations, to Discovery Session all the way to ongoing retainer structures that ensure your loved one is cared for properly 24/7. The fee range for hiring a CARESULTANT for your loved ones journey ranges from $2,200-$10,000 monthly–depending on the situation. To learn more about what engagement is best fitting for your situation, please contact us so we can better understand how to come alongside of you and your loved one.
  • I’m worried that all these services might feel too transactional to my aging loved one. How do you ensure that my loved one feels cared for?
    We take this very seriously. We share your desire for your loved one to be cared for and cared about. That’s why we take such a strategic approach to hiring the right person for your loved one. The first step for us is getting to know your loved one, so we can get a sense of what they want and need from a caretaker. Personality is very important when hiring for this type of role. We may approach three or four different agencies, as well as the private market, and interview a half dozen or more people in search of someone with the right personality, availability, and caretaking skills. Because we have so much experience in this space, we know exactly which questions to ask to make sure we’ve found the right match. Plus, we’ll give your loved one a chance to meet and interview the candidates too, so they can help decide who they like best. Our goal is to find the right fit, not hire someone as fast as possible.
  • I want my loved one to be able to build a trusting relationship with their care providers. Do you send the same people over and over, or will it be someone new every time?
    For the most part, a dedicated team of familiar faces with a lead CARESULTANT will be overseeing all facets of care for your aging loved one. If a nurse’s aide or other long-term care provider is hired, for example, our goal is to find someone who will stay in the role for a long time. The only exception is when there are short-term medical needs. For example, your love one might undergo a medical or surgical procedure. That dressing/bandage may need to be changed on a regular basis. A nurse may be hired to make home visits for that care who only works with your loved one until the dressing changes are no longer necessary. But, when it comes to long-term, consistent care, familiar faces are the goal. And there will be a single CARESULTANT assigned to your case, so you don’t have to re-tell your story over and over to a new person every time. You and your aging loved one can both count on long-term relationships with care providers.
  • Is the family part of the team? Will you listen to me if I call you?
    Yes. You can and should be as involved and informed as you want. We are always available to answer questions, share our insights, or simply listen. Caring for an aging loved one can be very difficult and stressful, not to mention emotional. While a CARESULTANT is not an appropriate substitute for a licensed therapist or counselor, we are dedicated to supporting you throughout this process as well as your aging loved one.
  • How do you keep me and my family informed about what’s going on with my aging loved one?
    We will set up a private, HIPAA-compliant online chat room for you and whomever you want to include, be it other family members, a lawyer, or someone else important. We’ll use that space to share daily updates of significance, notes from doctor visits, and other important updates. We will also schedule calls as necessary. This can be a one-on-one call with just you or a group call with family or a lawyer. Ultimately, we will customize a communication plan that aligns with your needs and desire for updates.
  • My aging parent is prone to anxiety in medical settings and is often afraid to speak up and ask for what they need. Will you advocate for them?
    Yes. We will always speak up on behalf of your loved one to ensure that they are getting the proper care and medical services. We go into every appointment with a comprehensive understanding of your loved one’s needs, so we can make sure everything is addressed by the doctor no matter what. For example, let’s say your loved one is experiencing some pain or discomfort but doesn’t want to be perceived as “complaining” and thus won’t bring it up on their own. We will address it with the doctor on their behalf, so a solution can be found.
  • I can’t decide if it’s time to move my aging loved one to a care facility. Can you help me make that decision?
    Yes. We have years of experience in elder care and know exactly what to look for when evaluating whether it’s time for someone to move. And we don’t just show up with a checklist. We will closely listen to your concerns and involve you in the evaluation and decision. We want you to understand exactly why we’re making a recommendation. If we do decide that assisted living or another care facility is the best option, we’ll help you pick the right one. We’ll work with you to determine your priorities and do the research on nearby options, so you can make a confident decision.
  • Another family member and I disagree on the right course of action for our aging loved one. Can you help mediate or find a balance?
    Yes. If conflict occurs, we’ll set up a group Zoom call with your CARESULTANT, who has years of experience managing elder care. They will give everyone an opportunity to say their piece and share their concerns and desires. They will also ask questions to make sure every necessary tidbit of information is collected. They will then share his thoughts on the best path forward and clarify his reasoning, so that everyone can make a final, informed decision together.
  • My elderly parent enjoys watching movies, but they get overwhelmed by multiple remotes and complex screens. Can you teach them how to use their technology?
    Yes. We can teach your aging loved one how to use whatever technology would enrich their life, whether that’s a television, a computer, a phone, or an iPad. If the current tech setup simply isn’t working, we can help you find another one that’s more user-friendly and better suited to their interests and abilities.
  • I’m worried about my parent becoming the victim of a phishing scam. Can you help me figure out how to protect them?
    Yes. Our exact strategy will vary depending on the mental state of the aging loved one, but we can put systems in place to keep them safe. For example, we might teach them what signs to look for, or simply instruct them to immediately show a family member or caregiver if they get an email, text, or voicemail that seems suspicious. But ultimately, yes, we can help with this.
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