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Not just looking for another job, another dollar, and another lack of appreciation job?


Benefits of working with CARESULTANTS: Guaranteed work, Guaranteed pay, Guaranteed caring for YOU!


What is required: A great attitude and the ability to have and show appreciation… Think about the little things like seeing the light bulb is out and making sure it gets fixed, escorting your client to a family outing and making sure all their needs are being met or just proactively communicating with the family and your teammates.


We provide the client, you provide the caring personality, willingness to care for them and being “present” both physically and mentally while working and helping out your teammates to make sure all shifts get covered.


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We are committed to a diverse and inclusive workplace. CARESULTANTS is an equal opportunity employer and does not discriminate on the basis of race, national origin, gender, gender identity, sexual orientation, protected veteran status, disability, age, or other legally protected status.

The expert behind CARESULTANTS: Ed Abel R.N.

CARESULTANTS was founded by Ed Abel. Ed is a registered nurse with years of experience in direct home care. Working as a nurse, he started a small business on his own. Within seven years, he had 585 employees.


Ed’s passion for quality healthcare and sustainable business practices set him on a lifelong mission to support others with entrepreneurial dreams. He has taught and mentored hundreds of business owners over the years.


Through his years of business experience, Ed has mastered a robust portfolio of business practices. He is incredibly passionate about helping others take control of their careers and grow successful businesses based on solid principles.

So how does it work?

When you purchase a CARESULTANTS license, you receive a comprehensive package of assets and materials. This includes:

  • A franchise to operate under the CARESULTANTS brand.

  • A suite of marketing materials, including temples for emails, newsletters, flyers, and more, and a page on the Caresultants master website.

  • Access to a fully HIPAA-compliant virtual environment for engaging with clients, including a chatroom, email address, and digital resource library.

  • One-on-one coaching time with Ed.

  • Access to a private chatroom with other CARESULTANTS to share ideas, advice, and stories.

  • Twelve months of comprehensive business training.


Our proprietary business curriculum is one of the most valuable assets available to CARESULTANTS. When you decide to become a CARESULTANT, you don’t need to know anything about running a business. We’ll teach you.


The CARESULTANTS business training program covers a huge breadth of topics and skills, including:

  • How to set up a legal entity and create the necessary portfolio of contracts.

  • How to set up your systems, including technology and automation.

  • Customer service principles.

  • How to market and sell your business and yourself.

  • Accounting and bookkeeping principles.

  • The fundamentals of excellent leadership.

  • How to define, package, and price your products and service offerings.

  • How to read and interpret a range of business analytics.

Ed Abel

A personal note from Ed:

If you’re reading this, you and I probably have something in common: We love to help people. You care deeply about supporting individuals and their families throughout the aging process. I care deeply about empowering people like you to build a business that empowers them to do that important work. CARESULTANTS is where you and I come together.


If you’re serious about starting a business and taking back ownership of your time and your schedule, then CARESULTANTS may be a perfect fit for you.


I know this is a serious financial investment, and I’m sure you have questions. I’m personally hosting a free webinar where I’ll share more details. It’s not a huge time commitment—just an hour—but you can ask me anything you want. I want you to be sure that this is the right investment for you. I’m committed to full transparency so you can make that decision with confidence.

To have a 1:1 call with me, fill out the form below, and I will contact you directly

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