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What Services Does CARESULTANTS Offer?

CARESULTANTS ensures quality care for your aging loved ones and peace of mind to you. We provide compassionate, unparalleled senior care services that are customized to meet the unique needs of your situation. We will work with you directly to learn every detail of the challenges you and your loved one are facing, so we can develop the ideal care plan.

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Case Study

David’s mother, Diane, is in her late seventies. For most of her life, she has been in excellent health. But in recent months, family members have started to notice an alarming trend: Diane is becoming increasingly forgetful. She has missed appointments with her doctor and hairstylist, she regularly forgets to eat, and she’s always looking for lost items.


David lives hundreds of miles away from his mother, yet the family has unofficially nominated him as the expert on her needs and care.


We offer a comprehensive range of services, including: 

◦ Care Coordination

The road ahead of you can be overwhelming. We know what to expect, so we can be proactive, help you get ahead of the challenges, and protect your loved one from any unnecessary discomfort.

◦ Vetting of Care Givers

We don’t just go with what Google recommends. We conduct thoughtful, thorough interviews with every candidate to find the best possible care for your loved one.

◦ Enhanced Mobility & Safety Construction

A change in ability levels may necessitate changes to the home, such as wider hallways or walk-in showers. We’ll help you understand what’s needed and oversee the construction process.

◦ Caregiver Management

We can arrange for an expert to visit your loved one on a regular basis to assess their health. These wellness checks are vital for ensuring that your loved one is receiving quality care.

◦ Development of Social Engagement Activities

The Caresultants team can orchestrate activities and social connections for your loved one to keep them engaged and fulfilled, even as life changes.

◦ Vetting of Assisted Living

Finding the right assisted living facility can feel like a pressure-filled decision. We use a proprietary vetting process to identify your best options and inform a confident choice.

◦ Nutritional management

Diet can dramatically impact quality of life. We can ensure your loved one is getting the nutrition and meal preparation support they need.

◦ Estate (Home) Management

If your goal is for your loved one to age in place, we can take over the details of caring for their home. Whether it’s mowing the lawn or changing a lightbulb, we’ll find the right person for the job.

◦ Nursing Homes Vetting

We know what to look for when choosing the right senior care facility for your loved one. We will personally vet the facility and the overall experience to ensure a proper placement.

◦ Nursing Home Care Management

If your loved one is living in a senior care facility, we can coordinate regular visits and assessments to verify that they are receiving quality care.

◦ Care Overseers

We work directly with each of your loved one’s care providers to ensure that their needs are being met promptly and with compassion.

◦ Dementia Care Coordination & Management

Witnessing the deterioration of a loved one’s mental condition is incredibly difficult. We can take the additional stress of managing memory care off your shoulders.

◦ Social Adult Day Care

Social connection is key to a rich and fulfilled life. We can coordinate opportunities for your loved ones to connect with others.

◦ Medical Interpretation

We’re fluent in medical terminology and jargon, so we can help you understand all the details without having to learn a new lexicon.

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