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Why Caresultants should be
part of your client's plan

The traditional approach to Senior Care has been to maintain the client in their home or retirement community for as long as possible – and then hurriedly move them to a care facility when their health care needs to pass some critical point-of-no-return. At Caresultants, we believe that’s the wrong model. Bringing in a Caresultants Advisor early creates a plan that enables clients to continue to live their best life for as long as possible.

Medical Professionals 

Many Physicians and Medical Advisors refer their patients to Caresultants because we can help prevent problems and help patients recover better when they arise. For example:
  • As they get older, many patients face challenges as they transition from an Internist to a Geriatrician, often as the result of a sudden decline or coupled with a move to a facility. As a result, there may a discontinuity in care that can exacerbate conditions instead of ameliorating them. At Caresultants, we can help anticipate, and help manage that transition, so that conditions don't get made worse by not having the right support system in place early enough. 

  • Another reason why Medical Professionals often refer to Caresultants is because, sometimes, busy primary care physicians may not be able to be as responsive to the needs of their aging patients as they want to, or they may be overloaded. And so they sometimes refer patients to the ER when an office visit could have sufficed. Caresultants can arrange for transitional or even a backstop primary care provider, to make sure nothing falls through the cracks. 

  • Likewise, older couples often have very different health situations, and different needs. This often means managing multiple doctor visits, multiple meds, and often in multiple locations. As a result, it may be too much for them to manage. Caresultants, however, can make sure that each spouse gets to their appointments, has the right care and the right backup, whether they're at home or in another state. 

  • Caresultants can also help when the patient's spouse can't - by driving them to physical therapy, preparing meals, checking meds, or just helping around the house. So one patient doesn't become two. ​

  • Caresultants can help improve compliance - whether with diet, medications, exercise, vaccinations, or just walking around - so the patient actually gets better, instead of waiting to crash.  

  • Aging patients also may wrestle with new psychological challenges of their own or in adapting to newly acquired physical limitations. At Caresultants, we can provide a bridge to social services, help arrange for psychological counseling, or just provide emotional support so the patient gets the full 360 degrees of help they need when they need it. 

  • And finally, Caresultants can help your patients manage insurance, Medicare, billing and other paperwork so that a benefit doesn't turn into a liability. 

At Caresultants, we know you have your patients’ best interests at heart. But we also know that there’s just so much you can do. So we fill the gaps, and help make sure that all your outcomes are optimal.


Wealth Advisors

If you're like most Wealth Advisors, your goal is to make sure that your clients have enough money set aside to retire in the style to which they're accustomed. And then, when the time comes, to make sure they can afford to move to an assisted living or care facility, not be a burden on their families, and not die before the money runs out. 
At Caresultants, we think that's fine - as far as it goes. But we've also found that having enough money set aside isn't the whole problem, because there are more certainly challenges to aging than just having enough money. For example, 

  • How do you avoid selling the family home in a down market, or in a rush? 

  • How do you prevent getting the good silver stolen by the moving company?

  • Who's going to make sure the client doesn't miss required tax payments, insurance payments, etc., because no one is handling it. 

  • How do you avoid getting victimized by phishing and other scams? 

  • Who's going to arrange for transportation, travel assistance, rehab ad therapy, car repairs, and extra help around the house?​

As a trusted wealth advisor, your job is to make sure your clients have enough money to live their best lives in their later years. At Caresultants we provide the support, care and resources to make sure it happens.


As an attorney assisting clients to prepare for the latter stages of life, you may have helped  them by preparing a will, setting up a trust, designing an advanced directive and, where appropriate, helping structure a business transition or exit. At Caresultants, though we’ve found that the need for professional assistance doesn’t necessarily end with a signature, and may not be able to wait for an annual or five-year review. 
Because we’re often on-site with your clients, supporting their medical and personal needs, we can be your eyes-and-ears, and help them be “good clients”. Some of the challenges that arise, and where we can provide early warning (at the client’s direction, of course,) and support include:

  • Noting changes in Advanced Directive priorities 

  • Alerting to changing business interests

  • Noting unexpected contracts signed 

  • Addressing unwanted changes in bills and expenses 

  • Warning about changes in the status of heirs

  • Victimization by a scam or other crimes 

As the on-site care provider, Caresultants can help you help your client preserve their assets, and optimize their enjoyment of what can potentially be their most productive years.


Case Histories

For most people, living your best life in your latter years is often a matter of luck. 


​Are you able to stay healthy? Are you able to avoid accidents, scams, down markets, and family problems? And are both you and your spouse in the same place physically and psychologically, and are both able to support each other?

At Caresultants, we can’t can’t prevent every accident, solve every family problem or turn around the economy. But as the case histories below show, we can help in just the right ways, and at just the right time. 


These examples illustrate just a few of the hundreds of ways Caresultants can complement your work as a professional advisor, and help you help your clients live their best live in their latter years.

Medcal Professionals
Certified Financial Planners
Case Histories

CARESULTANTS founded by Edward J. Abel R. N.

Edward J. Abel is a registered nurse and the founder of Caresultants.

Ed has a natural gift for managing the big-picture vision and fine details of a proactive care plan for someone whose needs are changing. Ed is deeply committed to helping others ensure that their aging loved ones are receiving quality care, from the first signs of decline to their final days.


With over 40 years of experience in the medical community, Ed has brought together a team of healthcare providers across a vast spectrum of services to ensure top-quality care and an easier path forward for aging patients and those who love them.

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