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When you specialize in-home care, you often meet people when they’re not at their best. Aging patients may be anxious about coming home from the hospital. Their families may be completely overwhelmed by their loved ones’ complex plans of care.


As a Homecare professional, home care coordinator, or social worker, you are uniquely qualified to support patients and families during this vulnerable time. You have the resources, knowledge, and experience to get them what they need and make the transition home more comfortable.


But some families need more help than others. Complex cases and demanding families often require 24/7 support, which is usually beyond the scope of what discharge planners provide. As families navigate their new reality, they’re desperate for guidance—but they don’t know where to turn.

Say hello to Caresultants.

Caresultants ensures quality care for aging individuals by working closely with their families to understand their exact needs.


In many ways, we do exactly what you do: We provide clarity, expertise, and reassurance during a challenging season of life. When you encounter a family seeking extra support, you can refer them to Caresultants.


We work with all kinds of families, patients, and cases—but there are two scenarios in which we’re especially helpful for professionals like you:

1. When the patient has complex needs.

If a patient is discharged with an incredibly complex plan of care, the family may be overwhelmed by the idea of managing it. Caresultants can coordinate, manage, and implement every element of care on their behalf, taking away the stress of all those little details and ensuring that their loved one is getting their needs met.

2. When the family has complex needs.

For many reasons, some families are simply more demanding than others. Caresultants provides the 24/7 support and availability that many families prefer. We can guide them through the aging process and save you the headache of fielding constant phone calls about issues that are out of your control.


Customized support for every family’s unique needs.


We understand how unpredictable, complicated, and emotionally intense the aging process can be for patients and families. You can trust us to treat each of your cases with the appropriate care and offer them the support they need.


We never take shortcuts or a one-size-fits-all approach to care. We take time to get to know the individual, the family, and their wishes, so we can design a customized care plan that aligns with their needs.

What does a Caresultant do?

In short, we do it all. We offer a vast spectrum of services, care, and support for the elderly and their families:


  • We hire, coordinate, and manage care providers of all kinds.

  • We research and evaluate care facilities, including assisted living, nursing, and memory care, so families can make a confident decision.

  • We manage nutrition and coordinate meal preparation and delivery.

  • We ensure that the aging person is spending time doing activities they enjoy and socializing with others.

  • We help our clients understand medical, billing, and insurance materials.

  • We handle upkeep of the home, including maintenance and, if necessary, construction.


If you’re working with a family who needs these services or other support during the aging process, refer them to Caresultants. You can trust our team to treat your clients with the same respect and care that you bring to your work every day. We can help your clients make informed decisions, handle the complexities of senior care, and stay calm along the way.

To learn more about what we do, please schedule a call with me or read a case study about how we can help you.


CARESULTANTS founded by Edward J. Abel R.N.

I am a registered nurse and the founder of Caresultants.

When I was a child, my father was diagnosed with Lou Gehrig’s Disease or amyotrophic lateral sclerosis ALS. I grew up caring for my father and developed a deep empathy for those struggling to understand and meet the needs of their aging loved ones. My passion for elder care inspired me to pursue a career in nursing.

I have a natural gift for managing the big-picture vision and fine details of a proactive care plan for someone whose needs are changing. I am deeply committed to helping others ensure that their aging loved ones are receiving quality care from the first signs of decline to their final days.

With over 40 years of experience in the medical community, I have brought together a team of healthcare providers across a vast spectrum of services to ensure top-quality care and an easier path forward for aging patients and those who love them.

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