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As a physician, you often encounter families during a very vulnerable time. The families of the elderly may be battling a wide range of ever-changing emotions:


● They’re overwhelmed by the idea of executing a complex plan of care.
● They’re desperate for any action they can take to prolong the life of their aging loved one.
● They’re anxious about what the future holds—and how quickly it will unfold.
● They’re grieving—or resisting—what they know awaits them.

There may also be logistical challenges to consider. If the family is spread across multiple cities, you may
find yourself having the same conversat
ion over and over with each concerned family member who calls.
If your patient needs to see several different specialists, the family could struggle to coordinate all those visits—and any follow-up care.

These families may lean heavily on you for answers and guidance. Some may ask for more support than
you can reasonably provide. And you may be looking for a way to get them the help they need.

Say hello to Caresultants.

Caresultants coordinates and manages quality care for aging individuals by working closely with their families to understand their exact needs.

In many ways, we do exactly what you do: We guide families through the challenges and uncertainties of the aging process. We serve as a complement to your medicine practice, focusing on
implementing your plan of care.

As the expert on the aging process, you are uniquely qualified to investigate and understand the health
of your elderly patients. They’re counting on you to create a plan of care that addresses their needs and
optimizes their wellbeing. We complement your plan of care, executing on creating a safe home
environment that serves the clients needs and meets the plan of care objectives.
Once you’ve issued a care plan, we jump into action.

Caresultants executes your plan of care.

The Caresultants team is composed entirely of experienced healthcare professionals who understand
how to manage the unique needs of the aging and their families in the home. Our top priority is to ensure quality care and reduce everyone’s stress by handling every aspect of your plan.

Here are a few examples of what we might do for your patients and their families:
● If your patient needs a home care nurse, companion, or other care provider, we’ll find the right
person. We’ll also manage and coordinate their schedule.
● If it’s time to start thinking about assisted living, nursing, or memory care, we’ll do the research
and help the family choose the right facility for them.
● If your patient has special dietary needs, we’ll coordinate with a nutritionist and find the right meal
prep solution and implement the changes within the home.
● We’ll make sure your patient is able to participate in their favorite hobbies and activities and
socialize with others.
● We’ll take responsibility for the patient’s safety at home. If your patient needs a mobility aid or
greater accessibility at home, we’ll coordinate with a contractor to widen hallways or install a
walk-in shower, for example.
● We’ll take over communication with the family. We use secure, HIPAA-compliant communications
tools (Family chat room) to keep everyone in the loop.

Customized care for every unique situation.

When it comes to elder care, we never take shortcuts or a one-size-fits-all approach. We spend time with each patient and their families to understand their needs, their wishes, and the plan of care you’ve
created for them. We’ll then tailor our own service offerings to fit the situation and ensure that we’re
following doctor’s orders.

If you think your patient’s family could benefit from this type of extra support, know that a referral to
Caresultants will provide you with the assurance that your client's home care needs will be appropriately planned for and managed.

We can help your patients and their families navigate the complexities of their care plan with grace and


To learn more about what we do, please schedule a call with me or read a case study about how we help Physicians.


CARESULTANTS founded by Edward J. Abel R.N.

I am a registered nurse and the founder of Caresultants.

When I was a child, my father was diagnosed with Lou Gehrig’s Disease or amyotrophic lateral sclerosis ALS. I grew up caring for my father and developed a deep empathy for those struggling to understand and meet the needs of their aging loved ones. My passion for elder care inspired me to pursue a career in nursing.

I have a natural gift for managing the big-picture vision and fine details of a proactive care plan for someone whose needs are changing. I am deeply committed to helping others ensure that their aging loved ones are receiving quality care from the first signs of decline to their final days.

With over 40 years of experience in the medical community, I have brought together a team of healthcare providers across a vast spectrum of services to ensure top-quality care and an easier path forward for aging patients and those who love them.

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